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Male parental units who think raising children can be done via long distance phone calls.
*From an actual email from Homeboy's 2nd baby mama to his current chick (3rd baby mama):

Homeboy has exactly 48-hours to tell my son the truth about his Harry Houdini disappearing act. Homeboy's son is an intelligent young man and I will not stand for ANYONE lying to him, especially his father. A "vacation" does not entail getting a job and a place.

He's lucky he was too lazy to put his name on Homeboy's son's birth certificate in ALL of the EIGHT years he's been alive. He's also lucky that I can handle everything on my own and I don't need a single red cent from him. As far as I am concerned, he is dead to me.

But you will come to know that all little boys need their fathers and as much as I want the truth to be known, I've have yet to speak ill of Homeboy in front of my boy. I'm sure if you were me, you'd feel the same way.

48-hours. It is 3 p.m., November 11.

And tell Homeboy I'm so glad he made a monumental effort to spend quality time with his son before he left. You can also tell him Homeboy's son is on the A honor roll, studies profusely for up to four hours a day without being told and quotes Oscar Wilde. If he even cares to know.

I'd rather my son not have a father than have a "teledaddy" that leaves him depressed. And I mean depressed - not sad with tears. Homeboy's son far too insightful for any BS.
by J671 November 10, 2009

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