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when you sneak up behind somebody (or jump behind them), stand really close behind them, then thrust your hips forward, so the person is caught off guard and gets sent flying.

this is a very fun practice, especially when the person who is zavathrusted is in a line of some sort, so several people are sent flying.

see also zavablocked
Samantha: so yeah I was just talking to my friends when all of a sudden Stacy pops up behind me and thrust me forward into the air!

Juan: hahahahah EPIC ZAVATHRUST!
by J4musicals March 06, 2011
A game that pre-teens/teens play where a person writes a time of day on another person's back of the hand (example: 8:00 AM, preferably a school hour) and the name of a person (guy or girl) on their palm. If the person looks at the name on their palm before the time that's on their hand, they must ask them out. You win by NOT looking at the name until after the time.
John: You wanna play Timehand?

Billy: Sure!

John: Okay Billy, I'm writing 7:45 on the back of your hand. Don't look now.....

(Billy turns around, John writes 'Stacy' on Billy's palm)

John: OK, now you have to wait til 7:45!
by J4musicals May 06, 2009

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