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Quite possibley the worst feeling in the world. When you love someone but they don't love you back. It kinda makes you feel like a creepy loser. And you tell yourself that you dont care, you were over with before you began, that this is pointless, but you cant help but think about them. And you know what? Theyre probably a total dickface you screwed you over, but you dont even care. One day in the far-off future you'll wonder why you gave a fuck about such a loser, but for now youre just going to have to hope that either they start to have feelings for you back or just hope and pray that you get over them, neither of which are prolly going to happen.
I'm in unrequited love with Sean, even though we'll never work out cuz we can't get our goddamn timing right. First, we liked eachother but I was going out with his best friend. Then we didnt see eachother for a month. Then we had a huge fight. Then we made up and things were back to normal until HE ASKED OUT ANOTHER GIRL THE NEXT DAY. And now I'm really paranoid he'll read this and think Im a stalker or something.
by J3nnyy December 20, 2008

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