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People who obviously grew up in niceville, and through the several years of meth. crack, and god knows what other drugs, tied in with the self loathng said city beats into you, have came to the conclusion that the only way they will ever amount to anything in their life is to go to the 6 month class that is held at the local comunity college and drive around the whole 5 miles that make up the city looking for people they used to do drugs with, or children in their family's they know to cause trouble and scare them by not only pulling them over, but getting half the other cops on duty, all if there is not another arrest going on, give you a lecture about how they should send you to jail then let you go with a ticket.
Guy 1-Have you been to niceville?

Guy 2-Yeah and i met all of the niceville police when i got pulld over for a blown tag light.
by J3FFR0 G00DW!N April 13, 2009

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