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To kill someone with a 45gun.
I'll 4-5 em if they talk about me.
by J2THE J April 01, 2005
The area code of South Side Indianapolis.
My area code is 46203
by J2the J April 19, 2005
Naptown is only for Indianapolis not Annapolis. If ur from Annapolis and u call ur city Naptown ur a stupid idiot.
India"NAP"olis is also known just as Nap
by J2the J April 09, 2005
A great rapper no matter what anyone says most of the people on this website who call him dumb and ignorent didn't spell most of the words in the definition right. Some Idiot on this site even said he was shot "50 times", what an stupid idiot.
50cent is one of the hardest rappers.
by J2THE J April 04, 2005
Cheap $15 shoes that are sold at K mart
Poor Kid: Look at my new shoes
Me: Those are cheap. When I was buying my PSP I saw those for $15
by J2the J May 28, 2005

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