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A tired, abused soul. Goes to high school daily with the fear of being called terrorist. His/her religion teaches the notion of religious and ethnic tolerance, so this person sits quietly and takes it as the entire class tells this person to go back to their country.

Takes the blame for 9/11 and other bombings, and is easily a target for bullies. Has never seen and/or held a gun, let alone a bomb.

Is hesitant to reveal his ethnicity or religion when asked by the teacher.

Arabic is the universal language for Muslims, just like Latin is the mother language of Christianity. After years of trying to learn the difficult language, this person is persecuted for sounding "like a terrorist" when he prays.

Idiots tell this person to go praise "Allah," when really they are unaware that Allah is Arabic for God, the same God that monotheists pray to.

This person stays true to his religion, no drinking, no gambling, and no eating pork, even when it's the only thing being served in the cafeteria.

This person has tolerated numerous persecutions and insults popularized by the media.

This person has to pay the price daily, for what a radical pseudo-intellectual nauratic named Osama Bin Laden and his group did in the name of their religion.

This person is abhorred by the entire country for his religion, and he has no shame in it.
Yes, I am a Muslim, so what?!
by J.maz November 06, 2010

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