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3 definitions by J.T.000

The act of placing your balls on ones eyes and then farting in there mouth.
" I gave Sarah a Trojan gas mask last night, she almost threw up in my anus "
by J.T.000 January 31, 2009
30 2
A Jew from Russia
" Damn, that kid Pavel is such a fucking snow Jew "
by J.T.000 January 31, 2009
32 10
When playing the game Left 4 Dead on VS. you jump from a high place (top of building) as a hunter and say "OH YEAH" or "SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM MOTHER FUCKER" as you pounce one of the survivors \.
" Dude Look!!! I just Macho Man Jumped that little queer, HAHA fuck Louis. OH YEAH! "
by J.T.000 January 31, 2009
8 4