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One who excessively engages in trendy behavior or activities; one that listens to excessive amounts of trendy music.
"Hey you trend monkey why do you have so much Lady GaGa on your iPod?"
by J.T. Rita January 11, 2010
The arm one uses to masturbate.
Dont shake my hand with your jack arm!
by J.T. Rita March 19, 2009
The act of having more than three naked people stack on top of eachother and have sex.
Im cumping now ill have to call you back.
by J.T. Rita March 19, 2009
An act or instance of wining.The opposite of failure.
You just banged a supermodel... WINURE!
by J.T. Rita March 19, 2009
A girl that looks like a man or vise versa
"Jasmine Wise is definitely a man girl"
by J.T. Rita September 30, 2009
Raped In The Anus
Dude, you totally just R.I.T.A!
by J.T. Rita March 19, 2009
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