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This a very interesting school to say the least. It is one of the last all-male (mainly gay) colleges in the USA. However, If you are gay, dont think you will be accepted here. HS only accepted you if your a rich mo-fo. Normally, the qualifications for admission are: 1). 1.0 GPA; 700 on SATs 2.) neo-con Bush lover 3.) From the South 4.) Having parents give the school a 35 Million $ gym. If you dont met these requirements, you will get your ass gang raped so take warning!
Frosh UVA student: Yo man! Who the hell is that stupid noob? He just touched that brother's ass!

Senior UVA student: I dont know man....Oh snap! He one of those gay dumd shits from that rich ass Hampden-Sydney place. I heard He had such a good ass pounding last week, he bled for 2 days!

Frosh UVA student: Yo..wtf? Those peps at HS are MAD BROKEBACK!!

by J.Smith October 25, 2006

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