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2 definitions by J.S. Brockle

A chutney nugget is when a homosexual gentleman inserts an object such as a golf ball up another man's bottom.
If golf balls are unavailable then other objects may be used for a chutney nugget. Objects commonly used are grapefruit and pineapples.
by J.S. Brockle May 01, 2009
A Heat Sink is when a homosexual policeman pulls out his police truncheon sets it on fire and procedes to insert it up another policeman's bottom.
A Heat Sink scenario,

Policeman 1:
"Excuse me, do you have a light?"

Policeman 2:
"Hey sure, use my lighter. By the way, why do you have your truncheon out?"
by J.S. Brockle May 26, 2009