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1 definition by J.NS

in no particular order

The worst ever:
1. Vanilla Ice

The rest of the worst:
2. M.C. Hammer (most of the time)
3. Ca$his
4. 50 Cent
5. Every single south rapper except for Outkast
6. Every single rapper with lil' in their name
7. Everlast (of house of pain)
8. Kid Rock, Limp Bizkit (if it's rap you want)

There are many more more, but these should make it for you. Especially with 5. and 6. Please try to avoid these rappers if you want lyrically accomplished rappers. Some of them might have style, but they aren't great rappers (50 Cent).
Vanilla Ice is number one on the World's Worst Rappers List.
by J.NS December 21, 2006
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