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Short for "My bad dude(s)"
Gio: C'mon Jackie, that's just a skip-it!
Jackie: MBD...
by J.Lee May 22, 2005
Short for "way too cool".
Rence: Hey! Where's Gio?
Jackie: Is he wtc for class?
Wes: Oh yeah, you know he is!
by J.Lee May 22, 2005
A group of students attending Deerfield Academy with the same intelliegence compared with their ancestoral roots the Neanderthals. Unreasonable amounts of body hair can be found on their female species which has led researchers to suspect that Deerfield has held on to their age old tradition of an all boys education. That being said, Deerfieldians still hold a special place in our Society today. They are good at the occupation of "Tool", "Homo-sexual", "Preppy wannabes", etc. and make good targets for other schools to trash on them. Their location (Deerfield Mass.) is out in the boonies and they resort to alternative activities deemed extremely uncivilized.
DA Student 1: Ug! Ug!
DA Student 2: Unga Bunga!
by J.Lee May 05, 2005

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