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The way ever asian miracously happen to know each other through mysterious "connections".
"You know Jenny too??? How do you know her?!?!?!? You guys live on opposite parts of the globe!!!!!"
by J.K March 31, 2005
Originally founded by Vlademir Poutine. When a penis enters the anal cavity of PARTNER 1, Then when done, the condom switches dicks with another man, then re-enters PARTNER 1's anal cavity. This continues with MANY men and penis's, until the condom is full, the condom is then tied, and PARTNER 1 is forced to swallow it whole.

If she refuses too, she is forced, if she some how resists, it is stuffed up her anal cavity and closed by the anal penetration of yet another man.
Oh my god Trout got a russion sock from the band class.
by J.K October 27, 2004
A master asskicker.
Justin is a kung, he whooped my ass.
by J.K March 05, 2004
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