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Member of Linkin Park.

Multi-talented Artist.

Half Japanese half American.

The only mortal who can perform the amazing "Shinoda-grin"... all the time

Loved for his baseball cap/beanie/hair color.

Young at heart yet very deep and mature.

Kindest and cutest man on Earth.

The only being I will ever consider...

One more thing about Mike Shinoda...

by J.Hybrid February 07, 2007
The poor neglected bass player of Linkin Park while the rest (mainly Chester and Mike) is shining in the light.

Has a lovely cap and bass guitar.
Real name is David.
Phoenix Farrell talks about what fans say to him during live shows: "Oh my God! Phoenix! Phoenix! Where's Chester?"

"Kids, Bass players have feelings too"
by J.Hybrid February 07, 2007
Someone you do NOT want to fuck with.
Do not fuck with chuck norris, or you will get roundhouse kicked in the face faster than you can say nothing.
by J.Hybrid December 02, 2007

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