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The polar opposite of "Flaming Gay." Used to describe those who are without question heterosexual. Whereas flamboyance in dress and mannerisms are stereotypical indicators of the homosexual male, the dress and mannerisms of Frozen Straight men are conservative and typically low-key.
Josh enjoys working on and racing his 1970 Chevelle SS, follows the Green Bay Packers religiously, and enjoys riding his Harley. He is a Lieutenant in the Army. He considers dogs smaller than Beagles to be barking rodents, and only drinks black coffee. Josh is Frozen Straight.
by J.D. Favre May 19, 2009
Noun. A work condition where numerous people are working on the same thing (i.e. a car or a house. Generally, anthills only refer to physical things like cars and houses, not a project for school/work/etc), resembling ants on their hill. Can be helpful to completing the project, or can impede progress by having too many people doing too few things.
While working on a client's car, we had much to do, so we called in a couple guys who had the day off. A productive anthill resulted, which allowed us to get the car done ahead of schedule.
by J.D. Favre June 02, 2009

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