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A glass pipe used for smoking crack or meth.
Little Suzie walked in to her mother's bedroom, she pointed to her mom's dopepipe and said,"what's that?"Her mother replied"Honey, that is mommy's magic flute.only grownups can play the magic flute".
by J.D. DeHart September 09, 2004
secretions that come out of a womans' reproductive organs.
Sally's panties have a crusty brown spot and I don't think it's poop.It must be vagina vomit.
by J.D. DeHart September 09, 2004
A female meth addict.One who offers sex in exchange for oatmeal or cereal.
She's always smoking ice and eating bran flakes,what a swampdonkey.
by J.D. DeHart September 09, 2004
Marijuana that is so weak, it only gets you slightly high first thing in the morning.Terrible pot.
Man, I smoked a whole quarter to the head.That fuckin' jungle boogie didn't do shit.
by J.D. DeHart September 14, 2004

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