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An attractive established suburb right outside of Chicago, IL and southern neighbor of Oak Park. Was once a bastion of blue-collar Eastern Europeans and Italians, then saw a large influx last decade of Mexicans, many of whom viewed it as a Mexican Berkley and felt it was going to be Chicagoland's base of Mexican culture and activism. Unfortunately, many paid way, way more than they could afford for the privilege of a home in this dynamic community and, due to lack of education and stable jobs, and a general lack of understanding of how an adjustable rate mortgage works, have been pushed into foreclosure and back into Cicero and Little Village, or into the basements of friends and relatives. Today, whites still control government and, with tightened lending standards in the banking industry, the town is seeing more of an influx of yuppies from Oak Park and the north side Chicago than Hispanics.
It is better to plan financially than to take over the world in Berwyn.
by J.C. Superstar August 07, 2010

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