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A gentleman of any age who preys on cougars. This gentleman is very knowledgeable in the ways of the cougar and is an expert at looking like prey while actually being the predator. He often uses this insight to work the cougar while working other ladies or multiple packs of cougars at the same time. This is usually accomplished though intermittent flirting throughout the evening. The cougar hawk is not to be confused with a guy wearing mirrored shades and a Hustler jacket hitting on everything in the room.

The cougar hawk is a gentleman first. A master of etiquette. He will never cock block one of his party for his own gains. He knows cougars hunt in packs when you see one there are many. The best cougar hawks approach a bar like a puzzle or riddle. The size up all prospective action upon entering and allot enough time to each candidate to maximize his efficiency. A cougar hawk is an asset in any band of merry men.

“Careful bud or that cougar is going to maul you.” Don’t you worry boys, I am a wise man when is comes to the ways of the cougar. In 12 hours she will be making me breakfast. Do you all want breakfast? I can have her call some friends?”

“Hey man I don’t know if things are going to work out with these chicks. She just figured out she knows me but cant remember I used to date her sister”. “That’s ok man I’ve been been making eyes at these ladies at the end of the bar and Jay is on his way. Jay is a real cougar hawk I’ve seen him line up three groups of chicks and take two of them with him.
by J.C. Partiers April 17, 2007
The leader of a group of ladies who must be made happy and kept occupied in order for your buddies to hit on her friends. If this dear is not kept busy she may throw some sort of fit causing great turmoil and demanding the undivided attention of her accompanying debutants, this may ruin everyone’s fun. This lady is often referred to as the P.B. or peanut butter.

“C, check out the bachelorette party over there.” I’m all over it. I will be in the midst of it as soon as I can figure out who the pussy broker is.”

“Hey Chad you take the peanut butter so we can work.”

Warning: In large groups of woman and in older groups of women there may be 2 or even more brokers. It is imperative that each male pick a broker to entertain for the rest of the men to succeed. In rare instances a man can keep two brokers entertained. This task should not be taken lightly. It usually takes a seasoned cougar hawk to accomplish this.

by J.C. Partiers April 17, 2007
A mystical, magical, imaginary place where snatch is kept for later use.

Originally referred to as “Ye Old Snatch Hut”

“Did you get any from Lynn Last night?” “No but I will, I’ve got her in the snatch hut”
by J.C. Partiers April 17, 2007

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