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An idiot who has not progressed to full "retardation". A person who acts stupid but has the capacity to be normal and sane. Almost on the verge of being incapable of running your own life.
Jerry was such a pretard at the game; he wouldn't stop bothering Claire the whole time, asking her inappropriate questions and flashing vulgar hand gestures.
by J. Walt February 11, 2007
Uterly useless and worthless. Describes a person incapable of completing a task or an object that serves no purpose.
You're as dooless as Ashlee Simpson's microphone.
by J. Walt February 11, 2007
Someone who has gone from pretard to full retard and come full circle to being 'normal' again. A person who used to be incapable of normal life functions, but now is considered stable. Few people actually make the progression to post-tard. Post-tards are few and far between, but they exist.
Bill Clinton, Whitney Houston, Charlie Sheen

Whitney Houston is the classic example of a post-tard because of her drug-related past and her re-entering into normal society.
by J. Walt February 11, 2007
Shortened name for a pre-teen who is especially annoying or pre-teenish. Or can mean any pre-teen in general.
Middle schoolers are generally all preens.
by J. Walt October 12, 2007
1. An alternative to a curse word, appropriate for bad situations

2. An expression of appreciation or approval.

Blow is used differently depending on the context.
1. "BLOW! I left my purse in the car!"

2. "Blow, he's sexy,"
by J. Walt February 14, 2007
1. a surfer clothing-line in a place where there is no surf (eg. a landlocked, mountainous region)
2. uncontrollable, constant diarrhea
1. Have you seen my new clothing line? It's called Druce.

2. Ooh man, that bean burrito gave me the Druce!
by J. Walt February 14, 2007
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