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It originally means, Really, Okay, before people used it. At times when they don't have the correct words or sentences to say what's on their mind.
Oh, Well if the kid wants Heineken, he got to be 21 years old. Alright?
by J. Summers September 16, 2009
A inner city (or Ghetto, Slum, Hood, Project, Project Housing) with a lot of trees.
Wow, this hood got mad trees in it. It looks like a Jungle.
by J. Summers September 19, 2009
Another Liberian abbreviation, usually for the Domain of Liberia all around in that Republic. LR is also a generic top-level domain (gTLD) used on the Internet's Domain Name System.
Just go to www.hipco.lr to listen to free Luckay Buckay music.
by J. Summers September 13, 2009
A Rap verse without a Hook. Beat or without a Beat. Acapella.
That verse that you was spitting was raw yo. Who wrote that for you, Cassidy or Gillie Da Kid?
by J. Summers September 05, 2009
A word used to pressure some one to fight if that person doesn't choose not to.
Boy: I'm not fighting you man.

Boy 2: You a pussy!

Boy: Fuck you (Punches Boy 2)

Boy and Boy 2: (Fighting Each Other)
by J. Summers September 09, 2009

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