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Basically, the same thing as the poop chute, butthole, anus, or whatever flavor-of-the-week saying you have where you excrete feces.
Dude, that chick definitely wanted me to put it in door number 2.
by J. Saynt April 15, 2009
Any form of honors that are outwardly expressed while graduating from an academic institution. Includes, but is not limited to, medals for GPA (cum laude, magna cum laude, summa cum laude), honor society cords or silk throw-overs, and maybe even fireworks if you're a complete badass.
I joined five honor societies in my time at college. I had mad graduation bling, yo.
by J. Saynt September 16, 2009
When you're about to get laid but you speak what's really on your mind and your partner gets offended. For example, say you're about to shag a mamacita and you tell her you need to get a condom because you heard she gets around. More than likely you just floor dropped, and as such, one of you is sleeping on the floor tonight (AT BEST).
Man - "Hey, can you call me Hulk Hogan while I pound you like a veal cutlet?"

Slut - "Uhhh NO! Jesus Christ, you're fucking weird..." *gets up, throws some blankets on the floor, and re-locates accordingly*

Man - "Man, I gotta stop floor dropping... BUT WHATCHA GONNA DO BROTHER?!?!"
by J. Saynt September 27, 2011

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