1 definition by J. R. Bonich

1. (noun) A member of one of the two most powerful and power-hungry political parties in the United States. From the late twentieth century onward, they are known for their belief that the average U.S. citizen is a completely incompetent idiot and is unable to spend their money wisely (meaning, according to democratic ideals), properly use dangerous tools and weapons, or raise their children without direct government intervention. Democrats firmly believe that the only way a society can function properly is when a a completely incompetent member of the Democratic Party is ruling over said citizens and making every personal and financial decision for them.

Unlike citizens affiliated with most other political parties, who prefer to intelligently debate opposing points of view, Democrats react aggressively and maliciously when their ideology is questioned. Slander and petty name-calling are their primary, and often times their only defense. (For examples, see definitions submitted for Republican)
Ted Kennedy, Hilary Clinton, and Rosie O'donald are typical democrats.
by J. R. Bonich March 28, 2007

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