10 definitions by J. Pads

To be without weed/dank.
"How could you be so dankless?"
by J. Pads October 05, 2009
a derogatory term to refer to an east indian fellow
I'll choke if I smell another sand spook
by J. Pads October 12, 2009
Releasing thoughts onto a page in a somewhat poetic style, but without a set form of writing. It is similar to the art of "free styling", in the sense that it is written quickly and without much thinking in advance, but this time comes in the form of writing. Usually uses rhyme but is not necessary.
"urban dictionary
lets me define words more clearly
if it didn't exist, the stuff I say
you'd never hear it"

- just a quick example of free-flow poetry
by J. Pads October 05, 2009
A small portion of tobacco placed under the marijuana in a pipe or bong. It's main purpose is to block the hole in the bowl-piece with tobacco so that the weed doesn't fall through. It is also used to add a small head rush to the buzz, and make it burn more smoothly. A good ratio is 95% weed, 5% tobacco.
That first bong crushed me, but the second one had a tabac stop and now I'm so high!
by J. Pads October 10, 2009
to excessively fist-pump to the point that your arm becomes useless
i'm having an awesome time, but soon we should take a breather...i don't want to over-pump again
by J. Pads March 01, 2010
to try to get some pleasure from a female
Cornelious : Tonight I think I'm gonna hit the town and try servin meat.

Shiloh: I hear alot of girls these days like the meat au jus.

Cornelious: Not tonight. It is time for the meat sauseege to be served on a platter.
by J. Pads October 12, 2009
to consume Caribou Lou to the point that all hell breaks loose
if you keep on drinkin' the lou at that pace you will lou's yourself.... you have been warned
by J. Pads March 01, 2010

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