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46 definitions by J. Michael Reiter

a "religion" that is a compendium of moral subjectivism, watered down Nietzche, and De Sade as well as some anti christian and Pagan ideas. It is also associated with darkness and violence. It is generally practised by angry immature pizza faced teens who are insecure and immature...
This is also the sort of thing that is a scapegoat for Columbined High Style School Shootings... By the way, due to the very dark and violent nature of this, it gets the practicioners a royal fucking up from the football and wrestling teams. The victims of said fucking up tend to chant the name of their dark lord while they're getting fucked up by the football and wrestling teams, is if that will help: The belief and advertisement of it is what starts the shit to begin with...
Uh, Oh!! The computer geeks and goths who do satanism better watch out! The football and wrestling teams are looking to fuck up somebody for squicking out them and the other "norms"!
by J. Michael Reiter November 01, 2004
66 200
an unarmed combative scheme from Asia that seems to work, and is all very well and good for, lightweight pencil necks against the same for opponents. Run into a 200 lb. monster with a neck like a dock pile, and it all seems to just quit working.

Ditto for guns...
Muay Thai punches and My Tais have one thing in common... They both hit like freight trains when used properly...
by J. Michael Reiter February 20, 2005
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an ultra mad cool treat you need a barbecue, campfire, or a hot conventional or convectional oven to complete along with big glass of milk to cool off your burning tongue and lips with; sort of like
s'mores, but with a banana and not graham wafers.

2. A glass dish that is meant to hold a banana split.
Banana Boats make a camp out, a sleep over or any outing a true festival, indeed!
by J. Michael Reiter May 06, 2005
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A dumb fucking "sport" played with "guns" that in reality are a gadget that shoots "paintballs", the eponyms of note.

This game takes on an eerie and all together too close for this author's comfort resemblance to small unit tactics that this author practised when this author was in his country's armed forces...

The players of this "game" are usually wealthy overgrown adolescents that have yet to grow up; Also, one finds the washouts and unsuitables that can't make it into their own country's armed forces...

The ones that think that this is a great game should try carrying a Rifle, a Full and HEAVY Rucksack, Tactical load bearing webbing, and a STEEL HELMET THAT WEIGHS MORE FOR EVERY SECOND YOU WEAR THE FUCKING THING!!!

The Rich and Powerful like Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings, and Princes should do this themselves, and get their family members in on the fun. It won't go on for long...
Paintball! What a ridiculous excuse for reality!!!
by J. Michael Reiter November 07, 2004
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