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46 definitions by J. Michael Reiter

"Zed" is the way us educated Canadians and British have pronounced the last letter of the latest incarnation of the Roman Alphabet.
ABC you get the rest, X, Y, ZED, DAMMIT, NOT ZEE!
by J. Michael Reiter January 29, 2004
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A Wiss is a portmanteau of Wimp and Piss...
The Word means a "Wimp who drinks Piss"...
This is the sort of albatross that gets hung around the neck of somebody who is bullied and then supposedly made up with by being bought a beer. Said beer, however, happens to have been dosed liberally with piss... This happens after the victim has been gotten drunk enough not to be able to prevent this from happening...
Ken was a Wiss the tough guys at the dock picked on regularly...
by J. Michael Reiter July 22, 2011
4 11
An individual who is tightly constricted in the asshole for some reason and is not afraid to show the world it; Is also completely concerned with detail to levels here to fore seen only in Nazi Germany: A basically utight, overwrought control freak. Usually Repressed to the Nth Degree.
by J. Michael REiter July 05, 2003
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formerly known in Canada as a Gotch pull.
Generally painful and humiliating, considered an excuse to hand out a serious shit kicking at recess or after school;
As bad as noogies.
Whoo whee!! I Just gave a wedgie to Stupid Stacy McDonald!!!
Dumbass Fuck!...
by J. Michael Reiter November 07, 2004
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The way hard core punkers from the days of yore tune their guitars to sound like... Not to mention loud, too...
Those hard core punks who are setting up to jam have a really crunchy guitar and drum combo, man...
by J. Michael Reiter May 17, 2007
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Man Napping is the Civilian Equivalent of the Forced Rest, that is taking a nap when it is necessary or not so, to forcefully recharge your batteries. This is generally ordered by the NCOs or Officers in your Platoon, Flight or Division.
Can be a restful and recuperative thing...
I was man napping during my shift... Got caught but I didn't get RTUed, I just caught el supremo...
by J. Michael Reiter September 02, 2005
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a reason for a pissed off neighbourhood to come to come and hang your distasteful and disgusting degenerate ass from a light standard in said neighbourhood if you are ever outed as such.
Sadism is a term found in every edition of of DSM IV and Sexualis Pychopathia ever since these tomes were written
by J. Michael Reiter October 31, 2004
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