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A seemingly appealing and useful way of thinking, the positive aspects of cynicism only overshadow the truth that cynics rarely get anything out of life with they way they think (despite believing quite the opposite). Normally accepting humanity as inherently evil, they define good and bad under broad, usually universal terms that immediately apply to everybody, no matter how generous, saintly, or selfless they are. Aestheticism, to a cynic, is not only a childish following, but one which all humans subconsciously live by. Assuming this, they are among a superior group of intellectuals who have "outfoxed" their fellow man. While it is a mark of maturity to be wary of certain people and situations, to think of the entire world as double-crossing greed mongering sinners whose every good deed has an ulterior motive is usually an adolescent stage of thinking that tends to get replaced as the person sees more of their world.
Cynical Man: "Wow, the most beautiful woman in the world! You're perfect in every way and are willing to grant me your heart. Too bad you're going to probably stab me in the back somewhere down the line."

Most Beautiful Woman in the World: "Well alright then, I'll just ask that oh so naive optimist if he'd like to get laid tonight instead."

Cynical Man: "I don't need happiness or pleasure for my remaining 60 years on this planet! All I need is this hole in the ground. It's where we all end up anyway."
by J. Literal October 29, 2007
1. An acronym used by many cynics as a way to express their hatred toward the corporate culture that they will never have the will power to escape. MTV is evidently not a major source of musical deterioration, as other sources (i.e. the internet, radio) has enlightened these cynics on what "true" music is, which fluxuates, as "true" music to one may be garbage to others, a rule that some have yet to realize is true. If one turns on MTV today, the music videos are only one minute long; the majority of MTV has turned into reality and dating television programs that are laced with small segments of music as use of an accent that you will find anywhere on any network. MTV is not facist; they do not control anyone, especially anyone that is placing a meaning on this website. If somebody enjoys the programs on MTV, it does not make them shallow, and it certainly does not make them a "societal tool used for profit".

2. MTV is Music Television. Started in the eighties, its programs have gradually grown farther from its original idea, thus causing much animosity from viewers who are looking for actual Music on their Televisions.
Girl: "Tee-hee! I heart MTV!"

Man #1: "Ugh. You're just another cookie cutter fecal excretion of what the major industries call the american dream..."

Man #2: "Who isn't nowadays, doughboy."
by J. Literal July 31, 2005

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