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A deliciously crunchy stick-shaped salty Japanese snack food that comes is lots of flavors like Corn,Honey, and Pizza. Often eaten by Wapanese and Otaku as their food of choice at Anime Conventions.
"Hey, pass me some of those Pretz...and while your at it give me some of your Pocky too...Domo!
by J. Lanphear January 17, 2004
The generation comprised of 40-70 year olds still in the workplace who abhor change, computers, and anything they consider "new-fangled"
"That Patti is such a GenO-er! She can't even use e-mail!"
by J. Lanphear January 17, 2004
A object that possesses deep color and beauty.
"Wow, look at that sari! It is bettalicious!"
by J. Lanphear January 17, 2004
The cleavage displayed by a woman who has received a bad boob job. The breasts look like two baseballs inserted under her skin and there is a visible curve on the top of the breast.
That girl needs a new plastic surgeon. She obviously has ball cleavage.
by J. Lanphear January 20, 2004
Someone who is being too affectionate.
"I'm at work!*blush* Stop being an onyx!"
by J. Lanphear January 17, 2004

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