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A person who accepts help, money, a favor, &c, from someone and then betrays them or does something harmful to them as thanks.
The day after he fixed her car, she forged a check of his and he was debbiefucked.
by J. Harrier April 20, 2004
People who are inconsiderate of their neighbors and put garbage, like old bicycles and cars in front of their house as lawn decorations. Generally uneducated and are breeders. Also tend to have one or two mentally slow siblings in the family. They buy used, shit cars and also take government handouts. Usually, if employed, work menial jobs like child care (baby sitting) or raking leaves for the town's public works department.
The Schlosses are such white trash, how do you like their front lawn? They painted and old bicycle which is now the centerpiece of their hillbilly garden.
by J. Harrier April 21, 2004
A guy with a small beer belly.

Because his shape is similar to that of a Gummi Bear candy.
Keep pounding those Beck's and well start calling you goomee.
by J. Harrier April 20, 2004
A feeling of one being cornered.

With his fans rushing towards him he was shrinking with adawy.
by J. Harrier April 20, 2004
Any guy from Minnesota.

From Norwegian slang.
He's a good fisherman, but he gets wild and slap happy like a jagwad later in the day.
by J. Harrier April 20, 2004
A vagina reeking of discharge from a yeast infection.
My poochie won't enen sniff your goochie.
by J. Harrier April 21, 2004

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