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A really dorky kid who is really smart but girls wanna do him because he's so dorky.
Whay are those chicks touching Seiber?
by J. Flute April 16, 2005
No onw likes him accept the girls who feel sorry for him but they really don't like him. Whenever he talks he makes no sense and it comes out to be "eeerrrrr". He leaves his mouth open all the time and drools. Also, when sitting next to a window, and mysterious moisture spot is made on the window. He also likes bagels...a lot.
Nicknames include: Robotate, Tater Tot, Hatebreed, Errrr Man, and Bagel Boy.
An example is just the stupidest kid you know times 45.8.
by J. Flute April 16, 2005
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