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This is the acronym for "Come On My Glasses". It is defined as the action of ejaculating on another's glasses at their request.
1) Will you please COMG?
2) After I am done with this, will you COMG?
3) That felt so good that I'll let you COMG.
by J. Edward March 30, 2006
The act of masterbation and coming to a climax.
Roommate says to other roommate that finally gets done with shower: "You were in that shower for a long ass time, dude....
Did you complete your journey or what asshole?"
by J. Edward April 07, 2009
A phrase used to politely let others around you know that you just dropped ass.
Nice weather we're having... grin
by J. Edward December 08, 2008
The energy required to write a text.
Forget it, I don't have the thumb strength to text him. Guess I'll just call.
by J. Edward September 18, 2008
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