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The word coming before a noun; can be used in place of "a", but "a" indicates any, while "the" indicates a certain noun.

Can be pronounced (thuh) or (thee)

Can also be used before an adjective describing a noun, but never before just an adjective.

Used before a well known name/place/thing.

Used for the best/satisfying group/place to be.

To show a group of people, sometimes an adjective is the group.

Used to show a time period.
The happy sailor drinks lemonade.
The park is full of angry children.
Charlie is the ogre; Anna is the princess.
Today's profit is not the same as yesterday's.
If you're going fishing, Thompson's Lake is the place to be.
The west.
The East Coast.
The foolish people, all lined up in a row.
by J. D. DAY-Z February 28, 2010

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