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2 definitions by J. Bone

Pumping your cock like a supersoaker 2000 in the face of your girl after not having had sex for a long time and blasting that ho
Dave found a girl in the club to take home after his 3 week jail sentence. Yeah, he's gonna supersoak that ho!!
by J. Bone November 27, 2007
59 16
Originated from the surfing culture to refer to the act of hanging all ten toes off the front of a long board while surfing a wave.

Now refers to the art of kickin’ back and having a chill day.
Responsible Worker: “Man, I am stuck in the office till 9 and the boss just asked me to come in on a Saturday. What are you doing Joe?

Joe: “I am sitting on my porch putting down some frat water…Just hanging ten and living the dream”
by J. Bone November 15, 2007
49 17