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4 definitions by J. Bluesman

An asian with characteristically puffy cheeks. A clever play on the word chipmunk, an animal known for its puffy cheeks.
Danny is a straight up chinkmunk
by J. Bluesman October 29, 2006
An exclamation. Common in the Midwestern U.S. among teens. Often used in describing weekend activities like cow tipping, crop pissing, and baking hot dishes.
So I pissed like a racehorse right on Shaw's crop. Oh, hot butter!
by J. Bluesman October 29, 2006
The surname of a very prominant musician family. Notable members of said family include Erik Bluesman, Arnold Bluesman, and Joseph Bluesman. Adopted daughter Christina Bluesman is a well-established pornstar.
The Bluesman family is the best in the world!
by J. Bluesman November 09, 2006
Any white person submitting to chinese authority. A fusion of the slang terms cracker and chink.
I roll with the Krinks, I pop with the Krink, My master's a Chink, I'm a mutha fuckin Krink
by J. Bluesman October 29, 2006