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One who dresses mismatched, unflattering, or just plain goofy therefore everyone knows this person is trying to make his or her own style but failing miserably at it.

Someone who looks like they got dressed in the dark ran out of the house in whatever they through on without looking into a mirror before stepping into the world.
My god, did you look at Betty this morning? She looks like a Gypsy in a Flash Flood!
by J. Bilewicz March 25, 2007
A Fat bitch that is clearly wearing the wrong clothing size, winch she looks like she has tried to poor herself into a top, coat, pants, jeans, skirt, or dress and has clearly failed at doing so in the attempts of trying to make herself appear skinny or because is in denial that he is not a size 12 anymore and is clearly a size 18.
Wow, look at her with the muffin top jeans over there. She clearly is suffering from Skinny Syndrome!
by J. Bilewicz March 25, 2007
When a person goes driving at night, preferably on any given garbage night of any given week and proceeds to garbage pick furniture, household accessories, and odds and ends for the better good of recycling someone else’s junk to furnish ones own household.
Last Tuesday night, Tina, Kristen, Jake, and I went Gypsy Hunting; we needed a few things to furnish our college apartments.
by J. Bilewicz March 25, 2007
A fat girl with huge ankles in witches her thighs and ankles have no separation.
Did you see that girls Cankles ? God, she should not wear shoes with ankel sraps.

Man, her Cankles were so big she could not wear boots; the fat heffer!
by J. Bilewicz March 25, 2007
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