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A woman who is misleadingly attractive. Often times, from forty feet away a girl will look attractive, but from up close, shes looks like the nasty.
"Whoa. That girl forty feet away looks amazing. Wait a second, she is a beast. Shes just a forty footer."
by J-dog April 25, 2005
Similar to "chiefed"::A room or vehicle filled with smoke, usually marijuana.
"My car is too chonged to see the buttons on the CD player."
by j-dog April 21, 2003
Nerm a term coined for an man whos name is norman.Whom everyone enjoys.Also can be used as afiller word in coversation.Also can be used as a negative.
You damn nerm! Get of that hooker!
by j-dog October 10, 2003
little balls of stank that hang off a hairy bitches crack. Can be from having the runs or menstration.
That bitch with the jungle bush has some stank dingle berries up in her crack.
by J-dog April 23, 2004
any given space such as a car interior or bedroom that is so full of smoke there is a thick haze and significant odor throughout the room
"Last night we rolled two blunts and chiefed out my Cadillac."
by j-dog April 21, 2003
A phrase which Carlos Mencia on "Mind of Mencia" uses to point out that a comment is obvious, or stupid.
"Dude! You're so annoying!"
"Thats cause he's British."
by J-dog June 15, 2006
A kid named Yang that cleans up everyone's jiz.
Hey jiz rag, hurry up, we're going to dinner.
by J-dog February 23, 2004

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