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3 definitions by J-bird

An individual highly skilled in the art of "slayin" poonani (pussy).

This word comes, of course, from the word samurai and takes from it it's dedication and pure mastery.
Joey B. fell out of bed with three ladies in it this morning, boy's a poonamurai fo' real!
by J-Bird October 28, 2004
A rose by any other name would probably be just as much a goofy kid.

A little girl with little or no life experience, perhaps still living off mommy and or daddy (if he claimed her). Still driving daddy’s Porsche?
a real rose wouldn’t blow so
by J-bird June 11, 2003
unanticipated greeting made when seeing a woman (or man I suppose) who has left their reputation and moral fortitude else were.
O-hi-ho, wasn’t expecting to see you here…
by J-bird June 11, 2003