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Twitter model.
That twodel Twitpic'd her ass a few minutes ago, and now I need to change my pants.
by J-Smoove July 04, 2011
A word meaning "gay". Named after the ex-NBA player and newly minted homosexual of the same name.
Why you starin at that guy's ass, you Amaechi or something?
by J-Smoove February 15, 2007
Something that is useless, like a tinsel.
If knowledge does not get transformed into bhakti such knowledge is useless tinsel.
by J-Smoove December 09, 2011
An expression of surprise, dislike, disgust, happiness, or pretty much anything else.

Situations that are particularly unique can be referred to as beughity beugh, beughocracy, or beughocratic.
You didn't see Mike Vick's comeback against the Giants? Beugh, man, that shit was crazy.
by J-Smoove January 31, 2011
Short for "sorry". Can be used to describe anything bad or of poor quality. The word sorr can be used in an existing word to indicate that it is bad -- for example, although saying "Georgia Tech" would just indicate that you are referring to the university, saying "Sorrgia Tech" would refer to the university while indicating that it sucks. A person who is sorr may also be referred to as a sorrhead or sorrface. Actions that are sorr can be described as sorraculous, sorrendipitous, sorr-a-lorr or even astrosorrical. Similar in usage to the words turr or trop.
Man this is like the 3rd straight time you ain't come to the game, you are a straight up sorrhead.

Why would I want Sorris Diaw on my team?

Ain't no way you gonna get me to watch World Cup Sorrcer.

I used to like ESPN before all these terrible anchors started coming on Sorrtscenter.

That motorcycle accident was quite a sorrendipitous turn of events in Ben Sorrthlisberger's career.
by J-Smoove June 18, 2006
A politician of Caucasian descent.
George W. Bush is a honkocrat.
by J-Smoove February 24, 2009
Most Vaginal Person. Awarded every year to the player in a sports league who is the biggest pussy.
Boris Diaw should be the MVP of the NBA -- what a pussy
by J-Smoove May 12, 2006
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