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indian movie and music channel. FOB heaven.
check out the hindi movie on b4u
by J-Smoove April 06, 2006
The NBA's Senior Vice President of Player Operations. Known for being a fuckin retard, who thinks committing a hard foul on a big man on a fast break is a worse offense than grabbing another man's nutsack from behind during a game. Name is usually followed by the words "is an idiot".
Wedgie Evans: $10,000 fine

Jerry Stackhouse: 1 game suspension during the NBA Finals

Stu Jackson: idiot
by J-Smoove June 16, 2006
short for troppin, which is a different way of sayin trippin. "trop" is a noun or a verb, and it can be used for any bad situation. something that is trop can be described as troptastical, troptaculous, or trip trop trobe. the act of being trop can be expressed as troppery, troptasticity, or troptaculousness. one who is trop is a trophead.
yo i failed my test today man, that was trop

she wouldn't give me head, what a trop

i asked him if he wants to go but he tropped it up

yo you smoked my shit for free, that is straight up troppery

get the fuck out of my room, quit being so damn troptaculous
by J-Smoove April 24, 2006
a black jew who founded christianity
Jesus: "I am black, and I am a Jew"
by J-Smoove March 22, 2006
A delicious Southern delicacy. Usually served roasted like eva, especially during bisexual bridal showers.
I got the cat on the grill, see
by J-Smoove December 02, 2011
a term used to describe a honkey. Used because since honkeys are so pale you can see their veins through their skin.
*Honkey calls me on the phone*
Me: "What up veins?"
Honkey: *busts out laughing*
by J-Smoove May 05, 2006
Another way of describing a swish in basketball. Opposite of brickasaki.
I was drillin those swishashima's in Vasu's eye all day long.
by J-Smoove May 28, 2006

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