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Sexual Act, Inflicted by a Male:
Fill a small Wasabi dish with pepper and place it on the floor. Tape the mouth of the victim/willing partner completely(so they can only breathe through their nose). Bend Them over(ass in the air, face on the floor). You must then force your partners face into the wasabi dish filled with pepper. Sodomize immediately, and forcefully, forcing the victim to inhale the pepper deeply. Thus producing a sneezing or coughing effect. During the sneezing or coughing, the victims anus will constrict repeatedly. Shove the victims face further into the pepper if the desired effect has not been acheived. Ejaculate in the anus! Run away.
"I totally gave that chick I met at the bar the other night a Dr Pepper. Needless to say I wont be seeing her again."
by J-Ross The Boss October 26, 2008

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