2 definitions by J-RIZZO

The act of verbal flatulance through the lips of a jackass; talking like an asshole

In other words, a complete asshole undeserving of life
Mike: did u hear somthing?
Matt: no, why?
Mike: Hmm, must have been brantley spincter coughing from the other room...
Matt: damn, i can smell the bullshit all the way out here!

Brad tried to play the bass, but could only produce a rather nasty ass sphincter cough

Joe: DUDES!!!!!!!
Mike: what a sphincter cough...

by J-RIZZO November 29, 2007
A girl who is so huge and bitchy, you just can't stand to be around her
That cow never loved you, Tom.

STFU you cow!

Cow is closely related to the cock.

Katie: I love you!
Mike: I'm not attracted to bovine!

by J-RIZZO November 29, 2007

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