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Biggity is derived from the term Bounce. It comes from the first pronounciation of Bounce. The "B" part of the word has "iggity" added to it to compliment its definition.
"Aight, lets biggity biggity bounce!"
"Ok Trinity, thats it, let's biggity..." - Morpheus
"Man were did Sander go? Did he biggity?"
by J-Money $ October 06, 2005
A term used by one when he/she is leaving or when others are leaving him/her. The two fingers are then thrown up resembling a peace sign.
Brock - "Ok bone-didleys, I'm gettin on up otta here, TWO FINGAS!"
Jake & Matt - "Two Fingas!!"
by J-Money $ December 01, 2005
A phrase meaning Yes or a response in a positive term. The "G" is added to the beginning to make the response of Yeah more "G'd" up. Because now a days all of society would love to make there life's more "G'd" and why not use it when replying with Yes or Yeah?
Boss: "Frank.....I was a little curious on whether or not you got your report done, the question I'm getting at is...have you?"

Frank: "G-Yeah!"
by J-Money $ December 03, 2005
A word describing the sound your body makes when it gets pushed onto a pile of snow. Also can be used to describe the sound of when you sketched out on a jump either snowboarding or skiing and hit the ground (snow) with your body.
"I was walking with my girl when out of nowhere she pushed me onto a snow bank"
"Then I got up and grabbed her face and repeatedly shoved it into the snow bank!"
by J-Money $ December 01, 2005

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