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3 definitions by J-Mommy

Word that can be substituted for "asshole" if there are children or elderly folks around and you don't want to curse.
That person who cut me off is a real heineyhole.

asshole jerk idiot
by J-Mommy July 04, 2014
Able to effectively communicate in languages other than your own by using Google Translate.
Relatives are visiting from Madrid and they don't speak English. Fortunately I am Googlent in Spanish.

Google translate language communicate speak fluent
by J-Mommy July 03, 2014
Commercial advertising a product which is primarily for use by senior citizens.
I love watching classic TV but if they show one more geezer ad where someone's fallen and can't get up, I'm changing the channel!

elderly advertisement commercial
by J-Mommy July 04, 2014