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I made this word up about the 14 year old girl that my friend Ross knows. Basically it means a girl that is young and of school-going age.
OOH NOO, that schoolyearold isn't coming with us, she wouldn't get in!
by J-Eneration May 11, 2004
A rather rude insult that I have just made up when my friend, (we'll call him R) misinformed me about submitting coursework to mydropbox.com. It basically means he has a dildo up his bum.
oh you dilbum!
by J-Eneration May 11, 2004
The hottest rap group around! featuring Donk-E and J-Eneration, from the streets of Crowbags, UK!
Man, the J-Unit are the shiznit
by J-Eneration May 11, 2004
A hybrid of a word, derived from the words 'cock' and 'cunt'. Could also be used to describe a hermaphadite I guess
you cuck! or That biatch has a cuck
by J-Eneration May 12, 2004

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