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A state of mind which occurs after smoking enough marijuana to the point where the user stares blankly into whatever catches his/her attention
"I'm was so stoned I didn't notice the movie was in French."
by j-dog April 21, 2003
To pig out or 'down' food really fast and hastily.
I scarfed down the burger.
by j-dog December 13, 2003
Fucking Liberal Environmentalist Bastard
Most celebrities are FLEBs. (and assholes).
by J-Dog July 21, 2004
Famous dutch poster on different websites and forums! also reffered to as WP_JuNkIe, or the weird guy!
damn WP_LeGeNd stop smoking pot and fuck off!
by J-Dog June 30, 2004
When a females nipples potrude out to the point they are visible through her clothing.
Damn son did you see that bicthes tits the were nipped out!
by j-dog October 10, 2003
One who has fecalphelia or an obsession watching someone deficate upon a glass coffee table while lying underneath and stroking their meat or rubbing their clitoris. Generally found in German Scheitza videos.
By typing in scat in Kazaa, you can usually find some pretty good log watcher movies.
by J-dog August 21, 2003
An alternative way to say "Oh my Lord" or "Oh my god". The origin of the phrase is unknown. Not even the most brilliant scientists can decipher the mystery.
"Oh My Lanta! I just wet myself."
"Oh My Lanta! That man must weigh over 450 pounds!"
by J-dog April 25, 2005
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