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1) A term used to brag about a girl and/or an assortment of girls who are basically on your jock so hardcore, it's as if they are desperate for your attention.

2) When a girl is just as in love with you as much as you want to hook up. Usually though if she has a Heart On for you you can get with it but shaking her off might be a little sketchy because chances are she will turn crazy. Overall when a girl has a Heart On, it is such a high level of desire and want, that your situation is probably better off just finding another girl, although it is a fun time telling your buddies about it.
1) J-Bacon-This girl has such a Heart On for me brah, it's ridiculous. I haven't even been trying and I think she is falling in love.

2) J-Bacon- I cant help but feel your starting to get quite the Heart On for me and I just want you to know that I'm not down for that, so don't go getting all crazy and looney on me if I choose to hook up with you and not support your child.
by J-Bacon August 15, 2011

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