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To rub a girls clit (or vaginal area) or to play with it. Usually with several fingers on an open hand.
I dwiddled that bitch
by J- Dubb July 14, 2008
A pussy, usually on a young virgin, that is very tight and smooth with no loose lips or protruding beef. It is smooth and streamlined, all tucked in with micro lips. AKA perfect.
L: I bet she has a real nice pussy.

J: I bet she has a ferrari pussy
by J- Dubb July 14, 2008
To finger a girl with your middle 2 fingers.

When you hold your hand up in the air with your pinky and index finger up while moving your middle 2 fingers in a forward motion simulating the fingering of the girl they look like 2 fangs, with the other 2 fingers being horns, thus forming the devil spider.
I gave her the devil spider.
by J- Dubb July 14, 2008
A satirical term for black people.

A racial term for black people.
(a black guy walks by a white guy)
white guy: fucking black africa
by J- Dubb July 14, 2008

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