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Something only total jerks, that don't realize that your server who in most states only make about $3-4 an hour plus tips minus tip-share (so leave 20% bitches) and usually has to pay out of their own pocket for walkouts/ D n D's, would do because they are too lame to pay for their own food. These are sometimes a single person out of a group of cheap bastards that order water and ask how much everything on the menu is if the price isn't listed. These types should stick to Taco bell, or the dollar menu somewhere. If you cant afford to tip eat fast food.

Also known as Walkout or D N D.
Server 1: Damn I am only walkin with $50 tonight because of those little punks that dine and dashed on their $40 tab and I had to pay for it!

Server 2: Man that sucks! I made $100!

Server 1: Its cool though I know where one of them works. I'll catch up with him there and get my money or take it out on his face!
by J u s t i n December 04, 2007

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