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Not only does the term skater refer to a person who skates, but also a 'style' that is popular in all parts of the nation. Involves wearing sagging/baggy pants/Tight Pants, tight or loose shirts, hoodies, watches,glasses(optional) and of course skating shoes(see below). With numerous brands out in the market, anyone can jump into the style. You do NOT have to skate to be involved in the style, so no worry being called a POSER. A poser is someone who wears the style, claims to skate, and can't stay on a board for more then 5 seconds. Some brands include:

-Planet Earth

And shoes:

-Nike 6.0
-Nike SB



And, Glasses:

-VZ (Von Zipper)
-Black Fly's
Typical 'skater' day for me: Element pants, LRG shirt, Nixon Rotolog watch, and a good pair of Dunk SBs
#skater #skating #baggy pants #billabong #dvs #lrg
by J son! July 04, 2006
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