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The knocking of fists together as a greeting, or form of respect
Yo, you linked that Bitch? Respect yo, daps, daps.
by j dub March 14, 2003
Derived from "finocchio" or fennel, a derogatory term for homsexual or gay, i.e., people that wiseguys feel nervous around.
I am starting to think that Vito is a cock sucking fanook.
#fag #homosexual #fudgepacker #faggot #flamer
by J Dub April 18, 2006
When someone gives you a hard look
"That player mean muggin me."
by j dub December 10, 2002
The knocking of fists as a form of greeting, departure, or respect
see daps
by j dub March 14, 2003
a brand of rolling papers, but sometimes simply means rolling papers in general.
Are those rizla brand rolling papers?
Pass me some rizlas
by j dub March 14, 2003
To be done, or cashed. Usually associated with nuggets.
Dude that bowl is as kicked as tylers anus
by J dub October 05, 2003
what you say to people who are behaving out of line, or stupid, or being a hater. commonly used towards white people and hoes
Act right or I'll bitch slap you.
by j dub December 10, 2002
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