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An alternative that does not necessarily have to fulfill the needs/wants of 2 parties but is at least satisfiable. Most commonly used to avoid agree to disagree
Girl: Hunny let's go get some friend chicken from Popeyes.
Boy: Bae we always get fried chicken, how about we try sumthin new. Let's grill some chicken on the grill we just bought.
Girl: But i want the Fried Chicken
Boy: I want the grilled chicked.
Girl: Fried
Boy: Grilled
Girl: Fried
Boy: Grilled
Child: You know KFC serves both right?
Girl: Wanna got to KFC?
Boy: I'd be happy to
Girl: I'm happy we found some middle ground , or else you would be sleeping on the sofa again.
Boy: Over some chicken
Girl: Yes over some chicken
by J Wonda May 17, 2009
When to people attempt to, but cannot reach common ground and agree that there can be no agreement between them.
Kid 1: Mom and dad had a big argument yesterday
Kid 2: What happened?
Kid 1: Mom wanted to go to Olive Garden for some alone time with dad, but the NBA championships were on, it was 4th quarter in game 6 of the Bulls-Celtics series. Dad promised to go later, but mom insisted on going now. After 10 minutes of bickering, they ordered me to my room. I could still hear them cursing though
Kid 2: So what happened?
Kid 1: They agree to disagree. Mom went to olive garden with some of her friends and dad stayed home and watched the game.
Kid 2: Was it worth it?
Kid 1: I guess, the bulls won by one point in OT and mom came home full with a smile
by J Wonda May 16, 2009
When one acts or does things in a manner that would lead others into thinking him/her is doing something that they may not want others to know. This is mostly used for:
1) Men who may be suspicious of being gay or
2) People who may be accused as snitches for cops or rival factions/gangs,
3) People you cannot trust

Suspect people act nervous around certain people, get nervous or too defensive about certain topics, and/or have this uneasy vibe around them that makes others nervous. Also known as Rats or Snitches and to some even Metrosexual or gay
1) Man 1: Yo, did you see dat nigga Dre out at da club mackin' them hoes man? Git was pimpin out there
Girl 1: I don't know man, dat git was stiff as a board out there. And if you actually saw him, it looked like he ain't even wanna be there, like if was a charade or sum shit
Man 1: You callin my dog suspect?
Girl 1: Ay, it is what it is. Yo 'Dog'just wasn't lookin like he was enjoyin his lil' pimpin extravaganza

2) Guy 1: Ay, man have you seen Tre anywhere? Dude just got outa jail and i ain't see him hit the streets in weeks?!
Guy 2: Naw man, i ain't see him since dat party a couple weeks ago. Shit was live
Guy 3: (Chuckles) Hell yea it was, but I saw him the otha day. He was vibin with some of his homies on 23rd. Dude was real tense tho; stiff as a board, lookin all kinda ways n stuff
Guy 2: Yea, now dat you mentioned it, dat nigga wasn't tryin to get no pussy at that party. He was just standin by the wall drinkin a Cuervo, lookin all paranoid. Ay, you think he snitchin?
Guy 1: Naw man, my dog tre would never be one of dem police ass niggas.
Guy 3: Ay man, i was at dat party too and i did spot him over there lookin more nervous than a baser. I dont know him like dat, but yo dog is actin a lil suspect
Guy 2: Hell yea, he is.

3) Guy 1: Hey, where's travis?
Guy 2: Idk, last i saw him was at the store chillen with Mike
Guy 1: You mean, big tall Mike?
Guy 2: Yea, his real name is Miguel?
Guy 1: What?! He chillen with Mike?! He knows i hate dat git.
Guy 2: You ain't know? Him and mike been getting along quite well
Guy 1: Damn! Well, now dat you mention it, he has been acting a lil suspect around me, gettin quiet when i talk shit about mike
Guy 2: Oh yeah? well you might wanna break him off before some trouble get started
Guy 1: yeah
by J Wonda May 17, 2009

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